Santa Fe is proud to provide service, quality and tradition to our customers, and committed to support the interests of those involved in our operations while giving back to the communities we serve.
Find every day essentials like: milk, coffee, eggs, cereals, bread, dairy and frozen products; we are stocked with all the brand names and a great variety of Mexican , Central and South America traditional and specialty items. You are guaranteed to find everything you need to satisfy your family needs. Get your groceries online through Instacart!
Fresh and neatly organized our produce departments count with California grown seasonal fruits and vegetables. We also carry all the traditional Mexican items and a vast selection of spices and dried chili peppers to spice up and give “Savor” to all your meals.
Our full-service meat departments count with an extensive variation of quality meet, sea food, poultry and Mexican traditional cuts: arrachera, diesmillo, espaldilla, pork mix for pozole, as well as specialty and hard to find items such as: tripe honeycomb, oxtails, beef tongue, beef tripe, beef and pork feet, beef and pork whole heads and goat meat among many more options. We also offer custom cutting and seasoning.
Taquerias Santa Fe, Home of the famous and delicious Carne Asada Fries, if you haven’t had them, we invite you to come and try some. Our menu counts with: burritos, tacos, tortas, tamales, chile rellenos, quesadillas, enchiladas, taco salads and many more fabulous items … swing by or order online through Doordash.
Do you want some traditional Mexican food to go? Come on over to our hot deli section where you can find a great variety of Mexican traditional dishes like: barbacoa, caldo de rez, carnitas, chicharrons birria de chivo, menudo and pozole amongst many more, don’t forget to grab some rice and beans to bring your whole meal together.


Enjoy of our vast selection of traditional Pan Mexicano, our delicious pastries, flans, pies and cakes, hand crafted and baked daily. And if you need a custom cake for that special someone or a special occasion. We have you covered. Choose between our different cake types: tres leches, vanilla, chocolate or marble, and from our dozens of creative cake decorations


Choose from our great variation of dairy products traditional Mexican cheeses, sour creams, and deli meats, we also have freshly made salsas ranging from mild to super-hot and guacamole. Give your pallet a treat and taste them all with our home-made style tortilla chips.